FS permanent composite external formwork in-situ concrete insulation structural system


FS permanent composite exterior formwork cast-in-place concrete insulation structure system is a cement-based double-sided composite insulation board as a permanent exterior formwork. Pouring concrete on the inside, wiping anti-cracking mortar protective layer on the outside, and firmly connecting the double-layer composite insulation formwork and concrete through connectors. Together with the formation of the thermal insulation structure system. The system belongs to the cast-in-place reinforced concrete composite insulation structure system, applicable to industrial and civil buildings frame structure, shear wall structure of the In-situ concrete structural works such as external walls, columns and beams.

New composite self-insulating blocks


The new composite self-insulating blocks are composed of main body blocks, outer thermal insulation layer, thermal insulation core material, protective layer and thermal insulation connection column pin. Between the inner and outer walls of the main body block, between the main body block and the outer protective layer, is through "L-shaped T-point connecting ribs" and "through insulation layer". The "point pin" is combined as a whole, and steel wires are installed in the pin. Under the premise of ensuring safety, it can minimize the cold bridge effect and has excellent thermal insulation performance.

1、Excellent thermal insulation performance and cost performance ratio.

2, greatly reduce the generation of wall cracks and fissures, significantly improve the quality of the project

3、Adopt embedded masonry, significantly increase masonry strength

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