Hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose

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Application field

* Water-based latex paint

* Building construction and building materials

* Printing ink

* Oil drilling

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Hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose

Hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose (HEMC) was prepared by introducing ethylene oxide substituent into methyl cellulose (MC). Its salt tolerance was better than that of unmodified polymer, and the gel temperature of methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose was higher than that of methyl cellulose.


1. Appearance: White or similar white powder, no mechanical magazine, odorless and tasteless

2. Gel temperature(℃):60-90

3. Water content(Wt %): ≤5.0

4. Ash content(Wt %): ≤5.0


6. Fineness: ≥80 Mesh

7. Viscosity(mPa.s, 2% aqueous solution, 20±0.2℃):100000-20000


Ⅱ.Main technical performance

1. Solubility: model H in HEMC can be dissolved in both cold water and hot water, while model L can only be dissolved in cold water, while HEMC is not soluble in most organic solvents. The surface treated HEMC is dispersed in cold water and does not agglomerate. However, it can be dissolved rapidly by adjusting its pH value to 8-10

2. PH stability: pH value in the range of 2-12 viscosity change is small, beyond this range viscosity decreases

3. HEMC has the characteristics of thickening, suspension, dispersion, adhesion, emulsification, film-forming and water retention, and its water holding capacity is stronger than that of methylcellulose. Viscosity stability, mildew resistance and dispersion are better than hydroxyethyl cellulose

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Ⅲ. Usage and precaution

HEMC is widely used in water-based latex coating, construction and building materials, printing ink, oil drilling, etc

Ⅳ. Package and storage

1.This product has the corresponding safety data sheet and safety transportation permit data

2.This product is packed in 25 kg kraft paper and plastic film lined film bag

3.Store in a dry place, pay attention to moisture-proof

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