Application of Redispersible Latex Powder

Redispersible powder is a powder formed by spray drying polymer emulsion, also called dry powder rubber. This powder can be quickly reduced to an emulsion after contacting with water, and maintains the same properties as the original emulsion, that is, a film will be formed after the water evaporates. This film has high flexibility, high weather resistance and good resistance to various substrates. High bonding line.

Redispersible latex powder is mainly used in construction fields such as exterior wall insulation, tile bonding, interface treatment, bonding gypsum, stucco gypsum, building interior and exterior wall putty, decorative mortar, etc., which has a very broad application range and good market prospects.

The promotion and application of redispersible latex powder has greatly improved the performance of traditional building materials, greatly improved the cohesion, cohesion, flexural strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, durability, etc. of building materials products. Make the construction products with its excellent quality and high-tech content to ensure the quality of construction projects.

Redispersible powder

Currently widely used redispersible polymer powders in the world are: Vinyl Acetate Polyvinyl Acetate (VAC / E), Terpolymer of Ethylene, Vinyl Chloride and Vinyl Laurate (E / VC / VL), Vinyl Acetate Ester and ethylene and higher fatty acid vinyl ester ternary copolymer rubber powder (VAC / E / VeoVa), these three types of redispersible polymer powder dominate the market, especially vinyl acetate and ethylene copolymer rubber powder VAC / E , Has a leading position in the global field, and represents the technical characteristics of redispersible powder. From the technical experience of applying mortar-modified polymers, it is still the best technical solution:

1. It is one of the most used polymers in the world;

2. The most application experience in the construction field;

3. It can meet the rheological properties required by the mortar (that is, the required workability);

4. Polymeric resin with other monomers has the characteristics of low organic volatile matter (VOC) and low irritating gas;

5. It has the characteristics of excellent UV resistance, good heat resistance and long-term stability;

6, with high resistance to saponification;

7, has the widest glass transition temperature range (Tg);

8. Has relatively good comprehensive bonding, flexibility and mechanical properties;

9. Has the longest experience in chemical production and how to maintain storage stability in producing stable quality products;

10.It is easy to combine with the protective colloid (polyvinyl alcohol) of performance


Figure 1 is a picture of redispersible powder sold on the market

Features of redispersible powder

1. Redispersible powder is a water-soluble redispersible powder. It is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate, with polyvinyl alcohol as the protective colloid.

2. VAE redispersible latex powder has film-forming property, 50% aqueous solution forms an emulsion, and forms a plastic-like film after being placed on glass for 24 hours.

3. The formed film has certain flexibility and water resistance. Can reach national standards.

4.Redispersible latex powder has high performance: it has high bonding ability and unique performance, outstanding water resistance, good bonding strength, and gives the mortar excellent alkali resistance, which can improve the mortar’s adhesion and flexural strength In addition to plasticity, wear resistance and workability, it has stronger flexibility in crack-resistant mortar.

Application of redispersible latex powder in dry powder mortar:

◆ Masonry mortar and plaster mortar: Redispersible latex powder has good impermeability, water retention and freeze resistance, and high bonding strength, which can effectively solve the cracking and infiltration existing in the traditional masonry mortar. And other quality issues.

◆ Self-leveling mortar and floor material: Redispersible latex powder has high strength, good cohesion, adhesion and required flexibility. Can improve the adhesion, abrasion resistance and water retention of the materials. It can bring excellent rheology, workability and best self-smoothing performance to floor self-leveling mortar and screed.

◆ Tile adhesive, tile jointing agent: Redispersible latex powder has good adhesion, good water retention, long open time, flexibility, sag resistance and good freeze-thaw resistance. It can bring high adhesiveness, high slip resistance and good construction operability to tile adhesive, thin-layer tile adhesive and joint filler.

◆ Waterproof mortar: Redispersible latex powder enhances the bond strength to all substrates, reduces elastic modulus, increases water retention, reduces water penetration, and provides products with high flexibility, high weather resistance and high water resistance requirements. It has the long-lasting effect of the sealing system with the requirements of water repellency and water resistance.

◆ External wall insulation mortar: Redispersible emulsion powder in the external wall exterior insulation system enhances the cohesion of the mortar and the binding force to the insulation board, so that you can seek insulation while reducing energy consumption. To achieve the necessary workability, flexural strength and flexibility in external wall insulation mortar products, you can make your mortar products have a good bonding performance with a series of insulation materials and the base. At the same time, it also helps to improve the impact resistance and surface crack resistance.

◆ Repairing Mortar: Redispersible latex powder has the required flexibility, shrinkage, high cohesiveness, suitable flexural and tensile strength. Make repair mortar meet the above requirements for repair of structural and non-structural concrete.

◆ Interface Mortar: Redispersible latex powder is mainly used to treat the surface of concrete, aerated concrete, lime sand brick and fly ash brick, etc., to solve the problem that the interface is not easy to stick due to excessive water absorption or smoothness, and the plaster layer is empty. Drum, cracking, peeling, etc. It makes the adhesion stronger, not easy to fall off and water resistance, and excellent freeze-thaw resistance. It has a significant effect on simple operation, convenient construction.

Redispersible powder is mainly used in:

Inner and outer wall putty powder, tile adhesive, tile jointing agent, dry powder interface agent, external wall insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, repair mortar, decorative mortar, waterproof mortar in external thermal insulation dry-mixed mortar. All of the mortars are used to improve the brittleness and high elastic modulus of traditional cement mortars, and to give them better flexibility and tensile bond strength to resist and delay the generation of cracks in cement mortars. Because the polymer and mortar form an interpenetrating network structure, a continuous polymer film is formed in the pores, which strengthens the bonding between the aggregates and blocks some of the pores in the mortar. Therefore, the modified mortar after hardening has better performance than cement mortar. There has been a great improvement.

Post time: Mar-18-2018
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