Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose

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Application field


*Liquid soap

* Cleansing cream lotion

*Cream gel gel toner

*Hair conditioner

*Styling products



*Toy bubble

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Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is a kind of white or slightly yellowish powder, which is odorless, tasteless and nontoxic. It can be dissolved in the solvent mixed with cold water and organic matter to form a transparent viscous solution. Water solution has surface activity, high transparency, strong stability, and is not affected by pH. It has thickening and anti freezing effect in shampoo and shower gel, and has water retention and good film forming property for hair and skin. With the rapid rise of basic raw materials, cellulose (antifreeze thickener) used in shampoo and shower gel can greatly reduce the cost and achieve the desired effect.

In the application of cosmetics, it is mainly used for thickening, foaming, stable emulsification, dispersion, adhesion, film-forming and water retention performance improvement of cosmetics, high viscosity products as thickening, low viscosity products mainly used for suspension dispersion and film-forming.

Construction industry

1. Cement mortar: improve the dispersion of cement sand, greatly improve the plasticity and water retention of mortar, have effect on preventing cracks, and enhance the strength of cement.

2. Ceramic tile cement: improve the plasticity and water retention of ceramic tile mortar, improve the adhesive force of ceramic tile and prevent pulverization.

3. Coating of asbestos and other refractory materials: as suspension safety agent, fluidity improver, it also improves the adhesive strength to the substrate.

4. Gypsum concrete slurry: improve water retention and processability, and improve the adhesive force to the substrate.

5. Joint cement: added to the joint cement for gypsum board to improve fluidity and water retention.

6. Latex putty: improve the fluidity and water retention of putty based on resin latex.

7. Mortar: as a paste instead of natural materials, it can improve the water retention and adhesive strength with the substrate.

8. Coating: as plasticizer of latex coating, it can improve the operation performance and fluidity of coating and putty powder.

9. Spraying coating: it has good effect on preventing the sinking of cement based or emulsion spraying materials and improving the fluidity and spray pattern.

10. Secondary products of cement and gypsum: used as the binder for extrusion molding of hydraulic materials such as cement asbestos system, which can improve the fluidity and obtain uniform molding products.

11. Fiber wall: due to its anti enzyme and anti bacteria effect, it is effective as the adhesive for sand wall.

12. Others: it can be used to maintain the bubbles of the cement mortar and slurry operator (PC version)


Application of HPMC:

Shampoo, liquid soap, cleansing cream lotion, cream gel gel toner, hair conditioner, styling products, toothpaste, slobber, toy bubble water.

Characteristics of HPMC:
1. Low irritation

2. Wide pH stability can be guaranteed in the range of pH 3-11

3. Strengthen the conditioning ability

4. Increase foam, stabilize foam, improve skin feeling

5. Effectively improve the liquidity of the system



The products are encapsulated in polypropylene woven bags with polythene inner bags coated with plastic,

with a net weight of 25kg per bag.Pay attention to rain and sun protection during transportation.


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