Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Mother Liquor

Short Description:


Super slump retention (Less slump loss)

High water reducing(low W/C)

Low concrete viscosity

Softening of concrete viscosity

Good workability

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This polycarboxylic superplasticizeris a new-generation innovative and environmentally-friendly product we developed. It bears an excellent slump-good strength as well as well an small shrinkage and can be widely applied to various high-grade and high-performance concrete engineering.


1.Appearance: transparent and pale-yellow liquid

2.Specific gravity: 1.06-1.10(under 20℃)

3.PH value:5-7

4.Active ingredient:40±2,which can be adjusted according to clients’ requirements.

Ⅱ.Main technical performance

1.High water-reducing rate,it can greatly improve concrete strength and is especially applicable to high-strength and high-performance concrete of more than C50

2.With good dispersibility and self-compactness,it can be used to prepare superfluid self-compacting concrete with different strength grades

3.Strong corrosion resistance and aging resistance allowlittle or no shrinkage to concrete

4.Good plasticity-retaining performance allows time extension of the transport of commodity concrete and the residence at the site so as to ensure workability of concrete.Its setting time delays compared with that of the reference concrete.sulfate ion and other harmful substances

5.Special function:when high-strength concrete (C69-C80) is being prepared,its elasticity modulus,anti-permeability,creep resistance,durability and other high-performance indexes can satisfy requirements

6.Environmentally friendly:being an environmentally-friendly green product,it does not contain substances harmful to humans and environment

Ⅲ. Usage and precaution

The original solution of polycarboxylic acid water reducer can be combined into admixtures with various properties according to the above types, which can be widely used in such key projects as ready-mixed concrete, self-compacting concrete, pumping concrete, mass condensate, high mobility concrete, high durability concrete and highway, railway, bridge, concrete mixing station, water conservancy and hydropower and other key projects, such as ready-mixed concrete, self-compacting concrete, pumping concrete, mass condensate, high mobility concrete, high durability concrete and concrete mixing station, water conservancy and hydropower, etc.

1.Method for adding:mixing with concrete and then stirring;adding this mixture after concrete being mixed with water will be better. For other requirements,please operate according to the related provisions in the Technical Code for Application of Admixture in Concrete(GB50119-2003)


① The concrete trial-mix test shall be conducted before using it or being mixed with the other additives

② Please pay attention to the accuracy of test measurement and temperature effect on the early-stage concrete performance

③ Compatible test must be conducted in advance while cement brand changes or raw concrete materials vary a lot

④ Enhance the early-stage maintenance on concrete.It is forbidden to eat

Ⅳ. Package and storage

1.Plastic drum,net weight:1000±10kg,which can be adjusted according to users’demands

2.This product is non-ignitable,anti-freezing and pollution-free and ensures safety during transport,storage and usage

3.Shelf life:1year


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