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Melamine Superplasticizer is a kind of water soluble anionic surfactant and it has strong absorption and dispersion to cement. It is one of the excellent existing superplasticizers.The powder of melamine based high range superplasticizer are made of sulfonate melamine formaldehyde resin by centrifugal spray drying with the characteristics of large specific surface area, excellent free flowability of dry powder, less susceptible to moisture and caking and excellent dispersion effect. It has good compatibility with other types of water reducers and adjusts the comprehensive performance of other water reducers with the main features of high water reducing rate, non-air entraining, no corrosion to the reinforced bars with low content of chloridion and good adaptability with all type of cements.

Melamine based high range superplasticizer can be also used as the main component for water proof materials to increase the impermeability of the concrete and mortar. It can be used as part of components, together with other materials like UEA to compound the self water proof concrete structure.



Solid Content, %


Water Reducing Rate %


Compressive Strength Ratio % 1 day


3 days


7 days


28 days


Air Content %


Bleeding Ratio %


Shrinkage (28 day) %


Setting Time difference min. Initial




Steel Reinforcement Corrosion


Packaging & Shipping

1) 25kgs/Bag(two-layered plastic woven bag with PVC lining)

2) The powder is easy to absorb moisture and should be stored in the original sealed bags and placed at dry place.

3)The product is non toxic, non irritant, non flammable. Avoid contacting eye, mouth, and skin. The gloves and protective glasses are recommended to use. In case contacting with skin, rinse thoroughly with plenty of clean water.

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