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SM-F Superplasticizer is sulphonated melamine formaldehyde based superplasticizer. It exhibits low air entrainment, good whiteness, no corrosion to iron and excellent adaptability to all kinds of cement or gypsum. It obviously improves their strength, fluidity and anti-permeability. It has good workability, water retention and steam-curing adaptability. 


1. High Strength gypsum,gypsum based self-leveling floor, gypsum plaster, gypsum putty.

2. Cement based self-leveling floor, wear-resistance floor, repair mortar,special high strength mortar

3. As-Cast Finish Concrete/bare concrete, early strength concrete ,high-endurance concrete

Appearance white powder
Water Content (powder)(%) ≤4.0
Ph-value(20℃)(20% solution) 7.0~8.0
Concrete water reduction ratio(%) ≥14.0
Concrete Air Content(%) ≤3.0
Dosage Recommendation(%)in relation to weight of binder Cementious: 0.3~1.0%
Gypsum 0.2%~0.5%

Advantage for Melamine Sulphonate Superplasticizer

Advantage:of Polycarboxylate based superplasticizer Lower dosage: high water reducing (25-40%), and cement save 15-30%.
Low slump loss: less than 20% during two hours.
Good compatibility: mix with many kinds of cements and admixtures.
Lower shrinkage: improve compression of fresh mixed concrete.
Low chloride and alkali content, no corrosion to rebar.
High stability: no precipitation at low temperature


25kg/bag plastic inner with woven plastic bag or jumbo bag/ paper bag ordered by clients' request!

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