Silicone Hydrophobic Powder

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silicone hydrophobic powder -S80

The main components are organosilane containing active groups, which are made into powder organosilane detest agent by activity protection and drying.It has excellent dispersion in water, releasing active substances in the cement mortar system, reacting with the hydroxyl in the cement mortar, and combining into a good network structure.After the curing of cement mortar, hydrophobic groups in organosilicone play a role in reducing the surface energy and preventing the invasion of water, thus reducing the water absorption of cement mortar, and will not have a negative impact on the performance of cement mortar itself.

appearance White powder
Solid content% ≥97
stacking density(25℃)g/l 200~300
ph(10%dissolve in water) 6~9

Application :

Can be used in cement or gypsum - based building materials that require hydrophobic properties.

Application method

Mix it with dry mix mortar.Depending on the purpose, the recommended dosage is 0.1% to 0.8% of the total weight of the mortar.

Storage and shelf life

Store in a cool and dry environment below 30°C.Don't press heavy things on the package.

The product has a shelf life of 90 days.Products can continue to be used if there are no hard blocks beyond the shelf life.

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